Unified Identity Protection Platform

Silverfort Unified Identity Protection Platform


Enforce adaptive policies and advanced secure access controls across all resources, access interfaces and users in the hybrid environment.

Silverfort is the first platform to deliver modern identity security across all corporate users, service accounts and resources, including legacy systems and command-line interfaces that are leveraged in more than 80% of data breaches and ransomware attacks, and were previously considered ‘unprotectable’. Silverfort uses innovative agentless and proxyless technology that runs in the backend of the existing IAM infrastructure to enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) and Zero Trust policies across the hybrid environment and stop identity threats in real time.


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How Does It Work?


Silverfort enforces protection from the backend of your existing IAM infrastructure, including legacy directories like AD, using unique integrations that allow Silverfort to act as 'second opinion'. This enables Silverfort to monitor all access activity, detect identity threats in real time (and report them to your XDR/SIEM/SOAR), and enforce security controls that these directories are often missing, such as MFA, before instructing the original directory whether to approve the access. Thanks to this innovative architecture, no changes are required to the various servers and applications.

Technology Building Blocks


Non-intrusive Protection:

Monitor and control all authentication traffic without agents, proxies or modification of applications’ code

Encrypted Authentication Visibility:
Gain insight into encrypted authentication protocols in real time without decryption (no need for keys, no exposure of secrets).

Full Context Risk Analysis:
Correlate and analyze all user and machine access across all IAM platforms with a unified AI-based engine.

Bridging Between Directories:
Act as a translator between different protocols and IAM solutions to connect all resources into a cloud IAM platform.