Traffic Management and Optimization

Traffic Management

Control Network Congestion and Application Performance

Data networks are not only carrying constantly growing volumes of Internet traffic and cloud services. They are also carrying different kinds of traffic that often strain them, making it much more complex to assure the performance of applications and services. For example, streaming video is data-intensive and user experience is highly sensitive to congestion and latency on the network. Likewise, as the Internet of Things (IoT) gains momentum, millions of new endpoints will be sending small amounts of data, whose impact on network performance is still unknown.

Making applications perform efficiently and consistently

Nobody likes to use a slow-moving application. That’s why Allot Traffic Management tools are designed to overcome today’s significant application challenges, enabling you to deliver a quality experience at all times, even when your network is at peak usage. Furthermore, Allot Traffic Management tools help you increases operational efficiency and ensure high-performance delivery of business-critical applications and services by dynamically regulating the bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS) that your network allocates to every application and user.

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Traffic Steering

Accelerate Time to Market and Revenue

Our unified platform for service integration is designed to help you lower costs and increase revenue from the network services you deliver. Using context-aware traffic steering and intelligent service chaining, our service platform enables you to rapidly integrate and deploy new services across any access network and virtualized infrastructure, as well as differentiate your offering with application-centric services that can be personalized for each customer.

Intelligent traffic steering and service chaining

One of the major barriers to fast and cost-effective new service deployment is the need to install and integrate point products that meet specific functional requirements. This can lead to device proliferation and complexity in the network. Our unified service integration platform helps you simplify and accelerate service deployment by intelligently steering network traffic to value added services based on contextual awareness of both users and applications. By steering only the relevant traffic to each service in the chain, our service integration enables you to improve efficiency and scale network services more cost-effectively, and opens the door to unlimited ways to optimize and monetize your network.

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Subscriber Management Platform

Differentiate Your Service and Drive New Revenue

For broadband service providers, it’s all about providing differentiated consumer and enterprise cloud services that consistently deliver the Quality of Service (QoS) that each customer expects. For enterprises, it’s all about aligning application performance to business needs and increasing employee productivity. Allot Subscriber Management Platform (SMP) helps service providers and enterprises achieve these goals for any access network and any user. By leveraging Allot SMP’s application-aware, user-aware, and network-aware service tiering, policy control, and real-time charging, service providers and enterprises alike are able to differentiate their service offering and drive the user experience.

Creating more profitable service plans

Allot SMP makes it easy to deploy differentiated service plans or define cloud tenant SLAs, as well as accurately monitor and meter the consumption of network and cloud services per user, per service plan or SLA. Real-time and long-term reporting provides granular visibility, including applications and devices in use, websites visited, and volumes of traffic generated. This enables CSPs to analyze user behavior and direct resources toward more profitable revenue plans. Likewise, enterprises can use granular visibility to govern application performance and enforce SLAs according to business priorities.

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NetPolicy Provisioner

Bandwidth self-management that generates customer trust

Allot NetPolicy Provisioner (NPP) enables CSPs, broadband carriers and managed cloud service providers to deliver a high-quality, transparent self-monitoring and self-management service that creates trust and generates strong customer satisfaction.

Easy accessibility to web-based GUI

Our NPP web-based GUI is accessible from any browser window and provides direct access to a predefined set of Allot NetXplorer real-time monitoring reports with full display options and drill-down capabilities. If desired, service providers may also permit customers to provision and adjust QoS policies within predefined limits. Seamlessly operating with Allot NetXplorer centralized management system, Allot NPP enables you to:

  • Give business customers visibility and control of their own usage
  • Provide transparent reporting of SLA compliance
  • Generate revenue from value-added self-management services

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