Open Visibility Platform

Open Visibility Platform

NetOps and SecOps Challenges


The ability to deploy a security—or even a networking—solution in the network has been a long, complicated process. Much has stood in the way of progress, making the ability to add or change solutions difficult and causing this area to be one of the least agile in the design and implementation process of operational teams. Open Visibility Platform provides an open, high performance unconstrained environment for hosting virtualized solutions combined with intelligent traffic delivery capabilities.


What is the Open Visibility Platform?


The Open Visibility Platform™ is a combination of a Niagara Networks N2 Series appliance plus the Niagara Networks Packetron™.




Key Features:

  • Freedom to choose: host any virtualized security and network solution, whether they are third-party, proprietary or black-box.
  • Deployment Hub: The OVP platform supports both inline and out-of-band deployment scenarios.
  • Getting the right traffic the right way: The OVP can intelligently deliver traffic and configure policies and rules to establish traffic flows to and from solutions, and determine the logical sequence of traffic being sent to the hosted applications as needed.
  • Managing Tool Sprawl: A primary Deployment Hub for agility and adaptability
  • Offloading utility processing to optimize solution performance

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