Digital Workspace Platform

Digital Workspace Platform


Run a tight ship! Tailor the solution to your processes and make your IT Operations secure right from the start, without ever compromising the ability to update.​ The Digital Workspace Platform increases the productivity of your employees and the security of your end devices, applications and data. The Digital Workspace Platform combines powerful functions for configuration, automation and integration with built-in security to secure your devices, applications and data. The Digital Workspace Platform is the basis of all Matrix42 products and thus an essential component of Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management and Secure Unified Endpoint Management.


Three good reasons to choose Matrix42 Digital Workspace Platform: 


1. Quick implementation of new requirements
Adapt your business processes flexibly to new requirements of your customers and markets.

2. Built-in Security and Compliance
360° all around protection for all end devices and data. Sensitive data remains secure and compliance is maintained.

3. Easy integration and extension
More efficient processes through uncomplicated integration of existing processes, services and third-party solutions.

Use Cases:

  • Security Built-in with security incident management
  • Tailor, adjust and extend with Workflow Studio
  • Audment your processes with an intuitive low-code Platform, i.e. Low-Code Solutionbuilder
  • Unified User experience (UUX) as a holistic, integrated user interface

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