The SimSpace Platform

The SimSpace Cyber Force Platform


Powered by the world's most advanced open, military-grade cyber range, SimSpace provides everything you need to keep your security team, processes, and technology at peak performance. Rapidly stand up environments that are secure, scalable, and customizable—within virtual, physical, or blended deployments.

SimSpace's flexible, hyper-realistic military-grade cyber range




Cyber Range Use Cases:


Increase Enterprise Readiness

Deliver Hands-on Skill Training

Run Live Team Exerccises

Optimize Security Processes Technology Stack

Evaluate Security Stacks

Replicate Attack Scenarios

Provide Evidence for Compliance

Analytics Reporting

New-Hire Evaluation

Key Features:

  • Customizable, high-fidelity cyber range environments

  • Easy-to-configure virtual networks

  • Hands-on training and assessment modules

  • Tailored training and assessment plans

  • Compliance mapping

  • Integrated performance reporting

  • Training marketplace


Advanced Capabilities:

  • Intelligent, host-based user emulation

  • Sophisticated automated attack scenarios

  • Zero-day emulation

  • Network replay and automated scoring

  • Event tracker and planner for team-based events

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Custom environments



Build customizable, secure and detailed cyber range environments to test tools, processes, staff, Zero Trust controls, cloud infrastructure readiness or provide evidence for compliance.

Challenging events





Access their comprehensive training library and robust marketplace content. Utilize labs with network replay, mission impact data, event tracking, team planning and automated scoring.

Fidelity and user emulation



Deliver the highest-fidelity cyber range events — including live-fire exercises — with intelligent, host-based user emulation and network traffic.

Experience "real" attacks



Simulate automated attack scenarios and other realistic cyber events in a safe, isolated cyber range. Sharpen individual and team performance.

Flexible assessments



Go beyond penetration testing and dig deeper into threats with team and technology assessments that suit your needs.

Platform expandability




Leverage and expand platform capabilities with a portfolio of purpose-built products, integrations and services, including SkillWise and StackWise.


The SimSpace platform can be expanded with a host of purpose-built products and services.

Skillwise Training Platform

Access engaging cyber events and dynamic training content as well as actionable insights around team readiness

Key Features:

  • Stronger cyber defenses
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Customization/automation
  • Curring-edge training labs
  • Live attack scenarios
  • Better team dynamics

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Professional Services


Tune and consolidate your tech stack,and make more informed purchase decisions. Accelerate deployment, program development and integrations for your organizatin, partner organizations or industry events. 


Key Features:

  • Actionabl insights
  • Platform integrations
  • Attack simulations

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