Network Analytics

Smart Data Source

Your Source for Network Business Intelligence

As the leader in traffic visibility and classification, Allot helps you extract and leverage granular usage data from your own network so you can make data-driven business decisions that create new opportunity for customer engagement and service monetization. From Streaming Data Records to Smart Data Source, Allot Data Science professionals save you time and money by curating exported data to the needs of your use case, BI system, big data or regulatory project.

Capturing a rich variety of contextual statistics

Allot’s Smart Data Source captures a rich variety of contextual application, user, device and security event statistics from the network. These granular data records may be streamed directly to Business Intelligence applications and other operator systems, or they can be rapidly consolidated and curated by Allot Data Scientists into custom data sets to help you personalize service offerings for millions of users and to tailor customer engagement activity to the individual needs, preferences and lifecycle journey of each customer.

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ClearSee Analytics

Insightful Actionable Analytics for Data Network Service Providers

Allot ClearSee Network Analytics is a breakthrough solution for Data Analytics in mobile and fixed broadband networks and large enterprises. It allows digital lifestyle providers to analyze a rich variety of application, subscriber, device and QoE data from their own networks and to turn that source data into the valuable business intelligence they need to drive subscriber satisfaction and service profitability. ClearSee Network Analytics gives access to information and data that were previously unavailable, hard to get, or scattered among multiple systems, in real time, providing actionable insight into the performance and utilization of your IP network.

Deeper Understanding. Better Business Insight.

Allot ClearSee Network Analytics turns big data into meaningful business intelligence for the decision-makers in your organization. Tools include a full complement of report dashboards for mining Network, Application, Subscriber, Device and Quality of Experience data, plus a dedicated Self-Service module for exploring fresh perspectives and gaining deeper insight into complex business challenges. Allot ClearSee Network Analytics’ self-service approach allows network operators to synthesize and analyze large varieties and volumes of data with extreme efficiency.

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Bird’s Eye View of Your Network

As the scalable management system for our devices, platforms, and value added services, Allot NetXplorer gives you a central vantage point for network-wide policy management, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting. Its intuitive graphical interface paints a consolidated picture of application, user, device, and network topology traffic with easy drill-down to reveal the most granular network transactions and activities.

Providing the power to see and act

Allot NetXplorer supplies the network business intelligence essential for IP service optimization. It helps you understand how your bandwidth resources are being consumed by applications and users on the network, and defines traffic management policies that link service and performance parameters to your business goals and user expectations. With a full complement of real-time and long-term reporting capabilities, Allot NetXplorer provides unsurpassed visibility and control of your carrier, cloud or enterprise network. The fully distributed design of Allot NetXplorer is suitable for traditional and virtualized network environments, allowing the system to scale upward by adding functional elements at the appropriate architectural layers, while maintaining overall management from a central server.

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