Who is Exabeam?


Exabeam is a global cybersecurity leader that created New-Scale SIEMTM for advancing security operations. Built for security people by security people, they reduce business risk and elevate human performance. The powerful combination of their cloud-scale security log management, behavioral analytics, and automated investigation experience gives security operations an unprecedented advantage over adversaries including insider threats, nation states, and other cyber criminals. We Detect the UndetectableTM by understanding normal behavior, even as normal keeps changing – giving security operations teams a holistic view of incidents for faster, more complete response.

Their cloud-native security log management ingests unlimited amounts of data from anywhere at unprecedented speed while reducing cost. Their behavioral analytics can run on any data lake and leverage existing investments with 500+ integrations, and is uniquely suited for today’s most utilized and elusive threat vector – compromised credentials. By automating the entire threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) workflow, Exabeam helps security teams focus on meaningful work, not tedious, manual tasks. Automatic reconstruction of incident timelines accelerates and streamlines security operations resulting in faster response times and more thorough investigations.

Exabeam continues to redefine SIEM and leads the market with forward-thinking, change-making customers around the world. Learn more at exabeam.com.

What is New-Scale SIEMTM?


New-Scale SIEM combines cloud-scale security log management, powerful behavior analytics, and an automated investigation experience. New-Scale is about managing more data sources, at higher data volumes, applying behavioral analytics, and providing guided, automated investigation and response actions that improve analyst speed, accuracy and efficiency. With New-Scale SIEM, you can scale detection with insights from behavioral analytics, respond with focus on risk-based priorities, investigate with automation, elevate talent in operations, and manage budgets with cloud economy.