FireMon Secure Firewall Management Features

FireMon Secure Firewall Management Features

The FireMon product suite is the first in the industry to address both sides of the security equation: proactive security intelligence and real-time security event analysis. On the front end, Security Manager and the Policy Planner, Policy Optimizer and Risk Analyzer modules provide the information necessary to effectively manage the complexity and change associated with today’s network security infrastructure. With the addition of Immediate Insight, the platform can identify areas of risk and triage active compromises with automatic re-provisioning.

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Cleaning Up Firewall Policies

FireMon’s firewall policy analysis and reporting capability provides a single, detailed view of every security device on the network to help you identify gaps and redundancies in firewall policy. The results are better defenses, faster response times and improved compliance.

Optimizing firewall policy management with FireMon enables you to:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of network security infrastructure.
  • Eliminate unnecessary access.
  • Respond to business-drive requests faster.
  • Comply with industry standards and regulations.
  • Perform targeted IT risk mitigation.

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Automating Network Compliance & Audits – FireMon

FireMon’s automated compliance assessment capabilities help you validate that firewall configurations meet all requirements and alert you when a violation occurs. The FireMon platform accommodates both predefined policy analysis that leverages industry best practices and user-defined controls that meet the unique requirements of your network. Continuous, automated compliance monitoring reduces the time you spend configuring policies and ensures you’re ready to meet today’s complex compliance audit demands.

Automating network compliance and auditing with FireMon enables you to:

  • Perform ongoing network risk analysis.
  • Recertify existing rules and policies.
  • Score and trend IT risk posture.
  • Generate standardized reports.

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Defining Firewall Policy Change Management

With FireMon’s change management workflow capabilities, you learn the full implications of every policy change prior to implementation. Proactive “what-if” impact analysis recommendations prevent disruptions in service and security to keep your network running smoothly.

Defining firewall change management workflow with FireMon enables you to:

  • Effectively design and report policy changes.
  • Search ad hoc for problematic changes.
  • Receive event-driven alerts.
  • Integrate with existing business processes.

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Advanced Network Security & Risk Analysis – FireMon

FireMon’s network security and risk analysis feature provides detailed visibility into access controls and exposes vulnerabilities in the network. The software filters vulnerability scanner results, simulates potential attack paths and uses host and data values to provide clear and precise remediation steps and reduce overall exposure to access-based risk.

Using FireMon to focus network security and risk analysis enables you to:

  • Measure overall network risk posture.
  • Allocate pentesting resources.
  • Rapidly mitigate vulnerabilities.

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