FireEye protects both large and small organizations committed to stopping advanced cyber threats, data breaches and zero-day attacks. Organizations across various industries trust FireEye to secure their critical infrastructure and valuable assets, protect intellectual property and avoid bad press, costly fixes and downtime.

FireEye helps you detect advanced and never-before-seen cyber attacks because it does not rely on signature-based defenses with their barrage of undifferentiated security alerts. By working with FireEye, you can identify connections between alerts, prioritize alerts and get actionable contextual intelligence for rapid remediation. 

The FireEye Adaptive Defense approach to cyber security enables you to recognize and apply the right mix of technology, intelligence and expertise to protect against advanced persistent threats (APTs). Your security solution must be able to detect, prevent, analyze, and respond to both known and never-before-seen cyber attacks. Only Adaptive Defense lets you pick the perfect combination of industry-leading FireEye technology, real-time threat intelligence and proven expertise to meet your needs.